Our patented all-metal Prestige window tint was created using groundbreaking technology. By sputter-metallizing our Prestige window tint with durable, exotic metals – such as titanium, stainless steel, copper, gold, silver, inconel, chromium, aluminum and other alloys - we ensure that our Prestige series will all exhibit sleek, color tones that enhance any vehicle for a show car shine. The metallized color is stable, the heat rejection performance is unbeatable and the product life of these tints will last as long as you own your car!

  • Industry leading all metal film
  • Sleek color tones that add class
  • High color stability
  • Excellent glare reduction
  • Rejects 99 % of all ultraviolet rays
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • From $465
Will my window film bubble, peel or turn purple?
No. Your window film carries a lifetime guarantee. Expert installation by our certified installers will reduce the chances of your window film bubbling, peeling or turning purple. In the unlikely event that this happens after our installation, we will replace your window film at no charge to you in a timely manner.
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